San Diego State University College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

International Studies Minor

About the Program

The PSFA International Studies Minor (ISM) is open to any major in the University, and is particularly valuable for any student seeking a career involving global awareness. The Minor seeks not only to provide an international experience for students but to deepen the meaning of students’ experience by providing a process and context for critical awareness/ comparison, self-reflection, as well as the specific professional skills they will utilize in their future careers.

*The ISM consists of six courses (18 units), four of which (12 units) are required.

Core Courses (12 units) – These courses must be taken in sequence:

  • PSFA 350 International Studies (3) - Awareness of international surroundings and creation of global citizens in PSFA disciplines. Basic concepts of culture and self-awareness, dimensions of culture, theoretical perspectives, behavioral patterns, and applications in PSFA disciplines.

  • PSFA 501 Study Abroad I (3) - Intensive study and practical applications of PSFA-related intercultural issues in a selected international setting. Areas of study within PSFA disciplines.

  • PSFA 502 Study Abroad II (3) - Intensive study of global PSFA-related professional career issues in a selected international setting. Focus on careers in disciplines within the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts.

  • PSFA 550 International Studies Capstone (3) - Problem-based approach through which PSFA students describe, analyze, compare and contrast the ways that the visited culture/society/ nation addresses a problem or issue relative to PSFA-related approaches taken in the US.

ELECTIVES - Take 6 units from among the following courses that have been identified as addressing international concerns:

*Other courses (especially GE) and courses taken from abroad may substitute for any of these electives.

  • ART 357 World Art in Contemporary Life (3) -

  • CJ 570 Organized Crime: Domestic and International Perspectives (3) -

  • COMM 371 Intercultural Communication (3) -

  • DANCE 382 Dance in World Cultures (3) -

  • JMS 450 Using Media to Understand Cultures (3) -

  • MUSIC 345 World Music in Contemporary Life (3) -

  • PA 580 Comparative Public Administration (3) -

  • RTM 404 Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism (3) -

  • TFM 363 International Cinema (3) -

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