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Regina Choy: Outstanding Graduate, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Regina Choy: Outstanding Graduate, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

May 29, 2019

Regina Choy was chosen to be the Outstanding Graduate for the School of Recreation and Tourism Management.

During her four years she has had two internships, one at the Mission Trails Regional Park, where she learned the skills to become a park ranger, her second internship was with the City of La Mesa in Community Services, where she learned leadership skills and knowledge of public services to help prepare her to become a parks and recreation professional.

Choy received three scholarships, one from the California Parks and Recreation Society District 12 Scholarship, the Outdoor Environmental Resource Management Scholarship and the Richard & Betty Teague Memorial and CAPRCBM Past President Scholarship.

Choy also attended a study abroad program to Ecuador on a faculty-led study abroad trip over the summer of 2018, where she learned about the importance of practicing sustainability in another country.

Choy said that being President of the Recreation and Tourism Student Association helped her conquer her fear of public speaking because she had to speak at all the meetings and attend other student organizations meetings to inform them about the great opportunities her organization offers students at SDSU.

After graduation, Choy plans to apply to graduate school for a degree in recreation administration with the hopes of becoming a director for a city in parks and recreation.

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