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JMS Launches Advisory Board

The School of JMS forms first-ever advisory board to help advance the program

JMS Launches Advisory Board

by Baylee Akins

July 18, 2022

A fundamental goal of the School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) is to prepare students for success upon graduation and their entrance into the professional world. To do that well, maintaining a strong connection to industry professionals and organizations is crucial as the media field continues to advance and evolve so rapidly. To assist with the school’s efforts to keep a finger on the pulse of the media industry, JMS has launched its first-ever Advisory Board. This group of media professionals will help connect JMS with the industry and to those making a difference in the media community in San Diego and around the world.


“As academics, a threat to our progress is becoming isolated such that we lose touch with the industry,” says Temple Northup, Director of JMS. “Our industry is impacted by many changing variables such as technology, politics, popular culture, and so forth, and it’s important to stay abreast of the best practices so our students have the proper tools for success from day one.” 


Over the past year, many JMS alumni have shared an interest in the initiative and offered their time to Northup. The Advisory Board will meet a number of times throughout the year and is composed of alumni from different majors, backgrounds and career paths. Advisory Board members have varying careers working in key decision-making positions for places such as Starbucks, DIRECTV, Google, Visit California, and NBC Bay Area.


Gathering a group of diverse individuals to provide a holistic guiding force was a top priority for the School, as the Board will not only be a resource for Northup but will work on four initiatives that he has begun: 1) Connecting with alumni and media professionals locally and around the world, 2) Keeping the School updated on the latest digital trends to guide decisions about curriculum, space and technology, 3) Executing new DEI initiatives, and 4) Fundraising for the School, emphasizing student scholarships and experiences.


“SDSU’s School of Journalism and Media Studies is one of the leading programs in the country for graduating students with confidence and real-world experience,” says Scott Pansky, inaugural chair of the Advisory Board and co-founder of Allison+Partners, a global public relations and marketing agency. “We created the JMS Advisory Board because, as alumni, we recognize the significant  role we play in helping to create a bridge between the professional community and the next generation of incredible storytellers.”


Northup announced the formation of the Advisory Board at JMS Next, an event the group played an integral role in funding and producing. Their financial assistance and coordination provided the resources to produce the largest JMS gathering to-date, with an attendance of more than 250 graduates, alumni, family and friends of the School. 

As the Advisory Board is still in its early stages, any other alumni or media professionals connected with the School who are interested in participation are encouraged to reach out to Temple Northup via email

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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